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On sharing and transparency

Artist Blog by Maria Siorba

I perceive touching as a means of both understanding and immersing oneself in the world of others. It's a language of communication that transcends verbal expression, inviting us to both offer and receive through tactile exploration, with its unique ability to illuminate the inner, dark parts of the other or whatever is or isn’t there.

The deeper the obscurity, the higher the concentration of light required; A practice that can either result in the beginning of healing, start a fire within you or consume you solely in the idea of allowing a beam of light to reveal your inner self. Not everyone finds comfort in baring their soul to the world.

In love, I envision the process of exchange as a delicate dance of gestures between different auras, playing hide and seek beneath rays of light - masked by trees - that slowly illuminate specific aspects of their being. And as they go, attempting to control what the light exposes and what it indicates at the same time, there is this wish of theirs for emotional mutuality, so important to be discovered like in no other cases. And whenever those tiny instances of transparency occur, they magically present themselves in peculiar forms out in the visual environment - moments that would cause a curious photographic eye to long to bear witness to it all.