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Permanent Pen on Print

Artist Blog by Barbara Proschak

Starting from a photographic motif that she has created herself, Barbara Proschak overdraws her image with fine permanent pens, thereby replaying the image surfaces. In her now-favourite technique of overdrawing, similar to analogue retouching, the artist works intuitively and meditatively, placing parts of the picture together like a day's work, which gradually come together to form a whole. The enigmatic, pearlescent result allows the original motif to emerge to a greater or lesser extent.

The fascination with organic forms such as the body itself, shells, snail shells, and plants and her interest in written-cultural phenomena such as signs and codes are Barbara Proschak’s starting point. In an alternation of covering and concealing, she thematises seeing, showing and discovering.

Barbara Proschak is part of »Guest Room: Heather Canlas Rigg & Emmy Lee Wall«.

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