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Artist Blog by Alfred Marseille

“Places” is a series I embarked upon during the pandemic. I came home with a lot of beautiful pictures, but felt unhappy with the results, as I saw little connection between the images and the experience of being in the forest.

For long, I have had a fascination with the spaces shaped by trees and forests and how these spaces are defined by the way we walk among the trees. What defines a space? How to encapsulate a specific place within a single image?

Photography conventionally adheres to the lens and camera’s perspective - a singular vantage point. However, when strolling through a forest, your senses absorb the entire environment, unbounded by a solitary viewpoint. A sense of place emerges from myriad perspectives: sweeping vistas, intricate details - the whole spectrum. So, I set out to distil all these facets into a single frame.

The images in this series are constructed from various perspectives and specific location details. Together, they form an inventory - a visual record - of what transpired at that place and time.