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Revisiting the Phenomenon

Artist Blog by Yuxi Wang

Toast sewn with delicate ribbons, a chess set made of colorful haribos, spots on the skin in the shape of pearls, a grapefruit lifted in mid-air… As I designed and took these strange, bright, and somewhat decadent photographs, I surprisingly began to feel clearly that the emotions of these re-perceived objects were like a river, trickling through my body. From my fingertips to my chest, to behind my ears. Most marvelously, I could even experience the process of changing emotions. At different moments, whenever I tried to clarify what I was feeling from those objects at the moment, I could describe it with different adjectives.

Phenomena always overflow our initial perception of them. To revisit the phenomenon is to photographically disrupt the order in which things are taken for granted. When I focus on the phenomenon for a long time, I begin to revisit my experience. At the same time, I re-experience it in a different way and learn to remain highly curious about everyday life. In the process of revisiting everyday phenomena over and over again, tedium began to collide with weirdness, novelty, and profound meaning.

I could see a world in which everything was full of emotions: a large turquoise meadow with orange and blue mushrooms growing out of it, a small dewdrop on the edge of the mushroom wobbling and melting into the soil in no time. Pleasant, moist, and breathing.

(Ongoing project 2023 - )