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Thales Pessoa

Artist Blog by Asafe Ghalib

Thales Pessoa is a Brazilian audiovisual director and photographer (Natal, 1991). His work resides between Latin American countries, primarily Brazil and Argentina, revolving around portraiture as a means of approaching bodies on the margins of the urban layout whilst investigating their relationships with desire and belonging.

The photographic image is the representation of someone, an unknown passerby who catches the artist's attention and is easily crossed by a mechanism of violent desire. Thales states “Tensions like this have moved my points of view over the last decade, in the attempt to capture this notion in the cities I lived in (Brazil and Argentina) which is a dialectic of male bodies on the margins of the urban layout”. In this series, by hallowed intuition and devoid of a project, whilst discovering the composition of attitudes and faces from time to time, Thales further discusses the use of the portrait as a device for the study of postures, as simple yet as complex, generating poetic suspensions in the distances between the me, the experience and the document.

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