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The Journey of Not A Typical Persian Girl

Artist Blog by Atoosa Farahmand

Atoosa Farahmand and Oscar Haberg, the artist duo behind the project Not A Typical Persian Girl, have been actively working on using different mediums and techniques for showcasing their materials. The exhibition consists of hundreds of photographs, fifteen short videos and a publication.

Not A Typical Persian Girl has been exhibited at Gallery Redan, Malmö, August 20 - September 18, Hinterland, Vienna, February 2 - March 4 2023, Misschiefs, Stockholm, March 30 - May 6 2023 and this summer at OpenArt Scandinavia's biggest public art biennial between June 15 until September 8. In September 2024 it will be exhibited in Jönköping, Sweden at the city library.

During the first exhibition at Gallery Redan, the ongoing revolution Woman Life Freedom in Iran started after Mahsa Jina Amini’s murder. A new work was made for the exhibition at Hinterland in Vienna that was dedicated to the revolution. The work depicts three girls chanting “Woman, Life, Freedom” and is accompanied by notes from women and men during the initial months of the revolution.

"In short filmed sequences, Atoosa Farahmand relates to these gender-discriminatory laws and prohibitions against homosexuality, subverting and cancelling them, staging an alternative world... Strongly and evocatively, the Stockholm-based artist duo Farahmand and Hagberg pay tribute to the acts of resistance that girls and women in Iran carry out every day." - Sydsvenskan, 10 September 2022, Carolina Söderholm.

“In one of the video works, Atoosa eats a whole cucumber in a careless manner, and asks, "is this sexy?". The core of Not A Typical Persian Girl is to depict the absurdity of the regime's arbitrary laws, which aim to oppress women by controlling and sexualizing their bodies” - 20-tal, 2023, Ida Therén.