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The Joy Of Play

Artist Blog by Eman Ali

In March 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in an Instagram takeover organized by The Journal Collective. Together with talented artists Sofia Quesada (Germany) and Celine S Diaz (Portugal), we embarked on a collaborative visual journey. We had never met before, so our goal was simple yet meaningful: to deepen our connection and understanding through a visual conversation.

We embraced spontaneity and playfulness in our process. We started by choosing a word, and within 48 hours, each of us created a picture inspired by that word. Then, we shared our images and responded with another word, continuing the cycle.

What amazed us was how these seemingly random words wove together our unique realities. They guided our interpretations and allowed us to explore our personal connections to each word. Our images became a language of expression, bridging the gaps between us and sparking interesting dialogues.

The space between our images became a canvas for connection and discovery. Through the exchange of visuals, we delved into hidden depths of meaning, weaving together the threads of our collective experiences. This process of creating, sharing, and responding fostered a sense of camaraderie and nurtured personal growth, as we embraced the power of artistic collaboration.

This experience reminded us of the beauty and power of connection. Through our images, we rediscovered the joy of exploring diverse perspectives and the transformative nature of art. The visuals that emerged from our dialogue speak to the extraordinary moments that unfold when we connect and create with open hearts and minds.