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The Polaroids / An Outlet for Emotions.

Artist Blog by Katerina Tsakiri

December 2022,

The chemotherapies have ended, the radiation treatments have ended and I am still lying in my bed isolated with covid.

During the whole time of my treatments I had shown nothing but love and care towards my body. But my thirst for a “normal life” is growing more and more and I began to lose my patience. The minor sickness from now on evokes emotions of indignation.

This is the moment that I vent my anger towards the polaroids.

I take a self portrait with my polaroid and immediately bend it and rip it.

The chemicals receive the violent force and depict the evidence of their abuse.

“I attack the diseased image of myself, I attack the view of the bedroom I had suffered, I attack the view from my window that I see every morning before I go to the hospital.”

I express my anger to the material because I don’t want to hurt myself. I have already been hurt.”