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The Power of Iranian Women in a Shifting Political and Ideological Landscape

Artist Blog by Atoosa Farahmand

In the publication Not A Typical Persian Girl you can read about women in Sports, Arts, The Mandatory Veil, Legal Discrimination, Abortion, and Marriage, Work and Education and Everyday Trespasses and the history of feminism in Iran from 1850 until August of 2022. It goes deeper into the challenges and those women who challenge the current state of the country. The 1st edition of the book is sold out, if you want to get information about the second edition, write to the artist that will put you on the waiting list for the new edition.

In the publication Farahmand and Hagberg detail the current reality for women in Iran and how women challenge the laws of the regime every day. These man-made laws, which involve Iranians’ everyday lives, are often mistaken for truth and are most vividly illustrated in the vast restrictions and laws against women in the country.

The publication was published a month before the ongoing Woman, Life, Freedom revolution in Iran, which was ignited with the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini by the regime's morality police in September 2022. Her death sparked widespread outrage and protests across Iran, with women and men taking to the streets to demand an end to state-sanctioned violence against women and the compulsory hijab law.

The protests resulted in the deaths of hundreds and the arrests of thousands of protestors. Many activists, including human rights defenders, members of ethnic and religious minorities, and dissidents, remain imprisoned under vague national security charges or have faced deeply unfair trials. Security forces continue to act with impunity, with no official investigations into allegations of excessive force, torture, sexual assault, and other serious abuses. The enforcement of oppressive compulsory hijab laws has been expanded, and security agencies have targeted the families of those killed during the protests.

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