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Unmute یک دست صدا ندارد

Artist Blog by Atoosa Farahmand

In the heart of Iran, whispers a proverb: ’یک دست صدا ندارد,’ where one hand may remain silent, but when joined by another, it finds its voice. This video work stands as a lyrical ode, a beacon calling communities to harmonize their differences, to blend their voices into a chorus that resonates, ensuring their collective echo reverberates far and wide. By reflecting and seeing ourselves in each other through the symbols, we can kindle the flames of resistance. This video work draws inspiration from and pays tribute to the revolution in Iran, a testament to the enduring spirit that unites us all. This project is a continuation of Not A Typical Persian Girl.

Concept and Art Director: Atoosa Farahmand and Oscar Hagberg Film: Salmah Jumbe and Jonas Hemlin Film assistant: Sigrid Mårtensson Photography: Oscar Hagberg, Greta Gustafsson Scenography: Sigrid Mårtensson, Atoosa Farahmand and Oscar Hagberg Light design: Maral Jalily Light assistant: Saeid Faraji Sound Design: Morvarid Tahmasbi Producer: Atoosa Farahmand Performers: Venessa Koohnavard, Sepideh Khodarahm, Anna-Jackelin Thell, Maria Arkouli, Mona Shahoon, Mandana Shahoon, August Bällgren, Hampus Ekman, Maya Arctaedius, Justus Skördeman, Mehryar Khiabani, Thomas Kulakowski, Pardis Rahman Fard and Senya Jumbe.

This work is part of a residency at Värmeverket that was shown on the 28th of October 2023. A site-specific artwork consisting of six mirror works and a wooden structure. It was a collaboration between the artists Atoosa Farahmand, Oscar Hagberg and the designer Sigrid Mårtensson.

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