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Warm Sea and Cold Coasts

Artist Blog by Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

The climate and the sea are closely linked in many ways and form a natural cycle. The sea plays an essential role in the climate system through the exchange of water, carbon and energy and is crucial for global oxygen production. As humans continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, one heat record after another is being produced. The ocean absorbs more than 90 percent of excess heat and stores it in its depths. The sea is getting warmer and is losing its oxygen, which is necessary for plants and animals. You can see this change particularly well in coral bleaching. What remains is a desert landscape in which sea creatures can find neither food nor shelter. An entire ecosystem is dying and the cycle between the sea and the climate is changing drastically. I will continue to pursue and expand the topic of climate change on the coasts and its effects and will travel the East Coast from north to south for one month in the fall during the American elections.

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens is part of »Guest Room: Bindi Vora & Justine Ellis«.

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