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Wet Mess

Artist Blog by Asafe Ghalib

Wet Mess describes their work as a ‘wet mess’ and is a multi disciplinary artist who works across visual art, drag, dance and theatre. Horny for your confusion Wet Mess always delivers something unique with an element of surprise to their work, you would never be able to guess what they are about to bring to the stage. The performer says “Let it all out and guess again, choose to make some silly campy decisions. I always have in the back of my mind when I'm in front of an audience ‘guess again’, like a trickster, you can’t pin me down. I can be anything. I love transforming. Everything is sexy and nothing is forever.” The emphasis on making "silly campy decisions" and encouraging the audience to "guess again" reflects a playful and unpredictable persona. Wet Mess embraces the role of a trickster, challenging traditional expectations whilst defying societal categorization. The idea of constant transformation and the statement that "everything is sexy and nothing is forever" creates a sense of freedom and exploration in their artistic expression. This type of artistic philosophy often leads to performances that are not easily categorized, keeping the audience on their toes and creating a unique and memorable experience. Wet Mess enjoys pushing boundaries to create a space where creativity knows no limits.

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