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Artist Feature of Andrea Graziosi

In the center of Sardinia, in various villages in the Barbagia region, strange and archaic traditions are firmly rooted. These ancient cults, practiced by the locals, represent an intense and brutal relationship between man and the savage, with a cathartic and liberating purpose.

These masks are owned by a time that does not belong to us. Masking oneself is a destiny, the link in a disturbing relationship between the animal being and the divine. Wearing means metamorphosing into the form of another entity. These masks’ threatening and disturbing effect is not to frighten the other, but to provoke a relationship with the other. The inhabitants of this area use the expression Animas to define something that has neither time nor body, that is at once disquieting and wild, that is specifically non-human, and that serves to bring about an experience.

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