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Mary’s Children

Artist Feature of Angelika Kollin

Contemplating the deeper aspects of life is a universal endeavor. I recall pondering the vastness of existence even in my childhood, sensing the triviality of my being in the face of its infinitude. As we mature, life's complexities begin to unravel before us, often sparked by significant events. This innate inclination to seek answers to age-old questions led me to embrace spirituality as a way of life.

My artistic journey is intrinsically intertwined with my quest for the meaning and purpose of life. Rather than actively seeking specific subjects to photograph, I remain receptive to the ones I unintentionally meet and those that intersect with my personal experiences and awareness. I'm not on a quest for more photographs; instead, I seek answers and uncover many of my clues within the portraits I create.

I firmly believe that genuine self-understanding can only be attained through self-exploration. Without it, we risk living our lives confined by the beliefs of others, haunted by old wounds, and trapped by obsolete misconceptions. Therefore, in my view, it is imperative to scrutinize every aspect of our existence and assess the value it holds for us. My artistic practice serves as my conduit for this exploration and understanding.

My new ongoing project, "Mary's Children," pays homage to individuals who demonstrate strength and courage in the face of tragic events and challenging life circumstances. The name carries importance, as it symbolizes the genuine heroes and heroines (actual Everyday Saints) whom I find truly deserving of admiration amidst a world consumed by the pursuit of fame and wealth.

In a society where celebrities and the affluent often take center stage, these remarkable individuals embody the true essence of heroism and strength. They radiate a light of the Spirit and possess a remarkable strength of Faith, demonstrating courage and openness of heart that surpasses that of many self-proclaimed spiritual leaders and gurus. Unfortunately, their stories often remain untold, overshadowed by the noise of mainstream media.

I want to bring attention and visibility to these extraordinary human beings. The inspiring journey with "Mary's Children" serves as a confirmation of the boundless capacity for growth and courage within each of us.

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