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Blessing out, Evil at work

Artist Feature of Azad Amin

For more than two decades Iran has been facing severe drought, especially in the southern part of Iran. The province of Sistan and Balouchistan in the southeastern part of Iran is one of the hottest arid areas of the country. In this area, People always suffer from water shortage, water pollution, 120-day strong winds, and significant dust storms, especially in summer.

One way to deal with this crisis is the migration of the residents. The biome cannot be changed, but migration can be done. According to the province's representative, in recent years 25% of this region’s population has been forced to migrate due to the water crisis and drought.

Historian evidence shows that civilizations were formed along the water and human societies chose the path of their lives with the flow of water. Undoubtedly, today's water crisis and its development and epidemic speed are a great danger to human civilization.

My approach to this topic was capturing the human stories behind the drought and water shortage and also trying to reflect the subjective and apocalyptic landscape of these regions and people's future lives. I was traveling to the region to document the everyday struggles of the local population, their efforts to adapt to the harsh conditions, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

This project explores the devastating effects of two decades of drought, water shortage, and scarcity in Sistan and Balouchistan province, south of Iran. The project aims to bring attention to this under-reported systemic issue, which has not only had severe consequences for the local population but also relates to a global issue of water scarcity. Through my lens, I hope to convey the land’s beauty, the people’s resilience, and the situation’s urgency.

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