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Illicit Association

Artist Feature of Hugo Ángel

The project titled “Illicit Association” seeks to produce a body of work based on the documentary portrait of people who consider themselves outside of the official discourse — removed from the stereotypes and conventions established by the dominant discursive system and practices. The people photographed are constituted from difference and dissent, in a broad sense (territorial, social, sexual, racial, in their gender identity, ideological, etc). They are real people who tend to be invisible and excluded, and who from their condition of exclusion or difference form a deliberate set that transgresses the conventional and aesthetic stereotype.

Around 40 analog portraits were made, on black and white medium format film, and some 35mm ones were also taken, which are part of a book published recently. "Illicit Association" is a criminal legal concept that identifies a group constituted to commit an act contrary to the law. Based on this denomination, many times legal devices are articulated, which stigmatize groups of people of different social, ethnic, racial, and sexual conditions and who under this figure are classified, labeled, and excluded from the social and value order. In this way, this legal term is moved to a visual-photographic project, acquiring a political and critical dimension. The photos were taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting a time of contagion, social distancing, and general mistrust and fear toward others. The project explores the prevailing atmosphere of denying and fearing those who are perceived as different, aligning with the ideology of the neoliberal model that promotes uniformity. The portraits were captured in Santiago, Chile, within a post-industrial heritage building that used to serve as a Perrera, a facility for isolating and euthanizing dogs. Presently, the site has transformed into an independent art factory known as La Perrera Art — an experimental art center.

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