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Living With War

Artist Feature of Mouneb Taim

When I was in the war and I was a child, I was trying to focus on the other side of the war and the civilians and children who were stuck and suffering.

My project tried to focus on the fact that Syria is not just a disaster country, but people were suffering silently and yet doing their best to resist the war and its bitterness.

Certainly, the reality of the war cannot be denied, but some people are doing their best to face this war that started and did not end and is still going on to this day.

Civilians and children were trying with their determination, hope, and persistence to face the bitterness of this terrible war. When I was documenting this project, internationally banned bombs and rockets were dropped, people were dying, and buildings were destroyed every day, and it became a daily routine. Certainly, this daily routine is not normal for the people watching my project. There were conflicting feelings about what life means to people. The pictures recognize the resilience and creativity of people in areas that have experienced a war that destroyed them.

This project illustrates over a decade the entire case I spent my childhood in various regions of Syria, illustrating the struggle of civilians and children to overcome the war.

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