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Artist Feature of Nadia Ettwein

Houseplant is a work on my self-destructions and recoveries, a growth from girlhood to womanhood that emerged independently from traditional norms.

The metaphor of a houseplant suggests nurturing and growth, but also the confinement of being contained within certain parameters or expectations.

Love and abandonment.

In this ongoing personal project, I explore personal transformation experiences, emphasizing the choice to remain childless and embrace love in its multifaceted forms. The absence of conventional family structures symbolizes a unique path, one that questions convention, and redefines relationships and gender roles.

It aims to open the conversation of being confined and yet connected to what you know and choose yourself.

That there is no boundary in the woman that I am.

Nadia Ettwein is part of »Guest Room: Daniel Boetker-Smith & Tanvi Mishra«.