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Artist Blog by Luciana L. Schütz

“Astroromántica” is a series of photographs taken behind the scenes of a film.

It follows a female astronaut and her machine going through some romantic landscapes.

The title came about as a trigger for the combination of the words astronaut and romance in Spanish. This female character sets out on a journey to an uncertain destination with her machine, which allegorically represents, carries and sets the rhythm of her desire.

The film was directed and performed by my dear friend, Luciana Malavolta and exhibited as a video installation at CheLA, Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires. I made a fanzine about this series back in 2019 which was printed and distributed independently in several bookshops.

Luciana L. Schütz is part of Guest Room: »Marina Paulenka & Thomas Schäfer«.

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