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Raw Landscapes

Artist Blog by Luciana L. Schütz

Tolar Grande is a six-block length village located in the middle of the Puna de Atacama desert in Argentina. A vast and uninhabited territory that many scientists compare with Mars. It is 357 km far from the city of Salta and 170 km from Chile`s borders of Socompa. A very small village whose existence is due to geopolitical issues, delineating the border between these two countries.

Through this project, I wanted to illustrate how we inhabit this world. With the past of time, these raw landscapes become more and more deteriorated and dry forcing the local populations to abandon them and move elsewhere.

The focus was on finding what kind of traces we leave behind. What footprints?

Luciana L. Schütz is part of Guest Room: »Marina Paulenka & Thomas Schäfer«.

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