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The Stories Behind the Series

Artist Blog by Zexuan Zeng

For the project Remember to call your Mother, Son. Each session lasted several hours, and the tedious process of using a large format camera allowed me enough time to talk to my subjects. These contextually ambiguous portraits and still lifes are an abstract encapsulation of the "journey" - a shifting gray mood. But the text that tells each person's story is so direct and strong that I can't resist the desire to show them. Therefore, for the presentation of this sequence, I have rewritten and sequenced them in the first person and displayed them in one corner of the space. It could be the beginning or the end of the exhibition, and ultimately a reason for the viewer to revisit the photographs, with doubt and thoughts.

Dealing with the relationship between text and image is always anxiety-provoking, but without giving a direct relationship between the two, this sense of seeming uncertainty about which photograph the story came from, I think strengthens the whole sequence.

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